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Video Tutorials:

What is eMagStudio?

In this tutorial you get a quick and simple explanation of what eMagStudio can do for you, and a presentation of some of the features it offers.

How to optimize your PDF for web viewing

Explains the best way to export your PDF for Web and eMagStudio

Convert PDF to Flash and HTML5 ePublications in 3 Simple Steps with eMagStudio

The simplest way from PDF to eMag in just 3 steps. You might want to have checked out which template to use before using this tutorial.

Activating and Downloading eMagStudio

Guide through the activation and download process. Also explains how to create more users and administer them on the eMagStudio Portal.

How to Create an eMag using the Template Picker in eMagStudio

The template picker is your tool for selecting one of the standard lay-out and design templates, that comes with eMagStudio.

How to Create Online Publications with the eMagStudio Wizard

Explaining how to Publish you eMags with the help of the 6 steps in the EMagStudio Wizard.