In order to add audio to a publication created with eMagStudio you must add the "Play Sound" action to the event of some object in the Toolbox. Try following this instruction to try audio integration:

  • In the Toolbox, add e.g. a button to any of the layers 
  • Select the Button, and in the Properties Window, open the Events tab 
  • Select the Mouse Click event, and click Select Action 
  • The Event Properties window will pop up. In the Media folder you will find two actions: Play Sound and Stop Sound, select the Play Sound action 
  • Import your sound and adjust the properties of the playback 
  • Preview your eMag to test the audio by clicking the button 

The Play Sound action can be added to any event in eMagStudio, so you can also play back sound when a specific page is reached, when the eMag first loads, based on a specific time-delay or many other ways.