Sometimes you might need to change the publishing profile settings in the Cloud Publisher, such as disable the speedloader etc.

First you have to configure it in eMagStudio and save it under a new name, let it be "newcloud".

Then you should log in to Portal and do the following:

1. Uploading the Publishing profile:

  • go to portal Cloud Publisher section  
  • select tab 3 "Upload Publishing profile" 
  • in the field, give it a name (e.g. "cloud1") and browse for "newcloud.eset" file in eMagStudio "myPublishingProfiles" folder 
  • click "Upload" button. When uploaded, refresh the profile list and see "cloud1" in the list

2. Updating the automated job: 

  • click tab 4 "Setup Automation task". 
  • in the "Name" column, click on your task. 
  • keep clicking the "Next step" button until you reach Publishing Profile window
  • select the newly uploaded "cloud1" profile in the dropdown list and click "Next step" 
  • check all your job settings and click "Modify automated job" button to save your changes. 

Now your Cloud Publisher is reconfigured and will publish your eMags with the new publishing settings.