The Help button in the Control Bar is set to allow the user to add a custom help image, as described in the online Help; Help - Add a custom image that shows your readers how to navigate through your eMag.

The “Help” button is a function that allows you to include personalized instructions (using images, text or even video) for help. It adds no help content by itself.

Using the Help button

  • After adding the Help button, go to the Toolbox (in case you used the Wizard to do so) 
  • Select the Background Layer in the Work Area window 
  • Click on the control bar and select the Events tab in the Properties window 
  • Double-click on the Show Help Event, and an Event Properties window will open 
  • Select the event suited for displaying the Help content of your choice, for instance: 
    • Use one of the Media Group actions to open an image, video or flash file in a window with instructions on the eMags use 
    • Use one of the Navigation Group actions to navigate to a page in your eMag containing help and instructions 
    • Use General -> Display Message to open a simple text message with basic instructions