The easiest way to create links in eMagStudio, is by either using the "Create Link" Quick Feature, or by importing the links from the PDF by using the Link Importer.

For a quick tutorial on creating links using the "Create Link" Quick Feature, follow this link to our YouTube channel.

For a tutorial on correctly creating importable links in InDesign or Acrobat Pro, take a look at this tutorial video.

Links that are not marked up in the PDF, but are only written in the text of the publication may not be imported by eMagStudio. By following the tutorial above on Acrobat Pro usage, it is possible to detect these links in Acrobat and easily make them compatible with eMagStudio. To quickly try this in Acrobat:

  • Open your PDF file in Acrobat Pro 
  • Go to Advanced –> Document Processing -> Create links from URLs 
  • Once done, save the file and restart or update the PDF in eMagStudio to import the links using the Link Importer 

Since Acrobat and some other programs automatically scan the text of PDF files for active links, it can sometimes be hard to distinguish between an importable link, and the one that cannot be imported. In Adobe Reader or Arobat Pro, links that can be imported into eMagStudio can be identified by the small "w" shown next to the hand cursor, when the mouse is hovering the link.