We have recently found an issue with Mobile HTML eMags search functionality on Android devices running Android 3 or later. These devices will show search results from correct pages, but when clicking the results the reader is sent to the same two pages of the publication regardless of the actual page the words were found on.

We have issued a patch to fix this problem, to use it do one of the following:

  • To patch your eMagStudio installation: 

    1.  Download the attached file "emag.3.0.min.js" 
    2.  Locate the reader\pubData\mobile\js folder inside of your eMagStudio application / program folder 
    3.  Copy the file "emag.3.0.min.js" into this folder, overwriting existing files 
    4.  Any eMags published with eMagStudio after this will be patched to fix this problem 

  • To patch an already published eMag: 

    1. Download the attached file "emag.3.0.min.js"  
    2. Locate the pubData\mobile\js folder inside the folder of your published eMag 
    3. Copy the file "emag.3.0.min.js" into this folder, overwriting existing files  
    4. Reload your eMag on your Android device, making sure you empty your browsers cache to test the fix