In order to create custom skins, please do the following:

  • In eMagStudio, open "Help -> Advanced -> Developer tools" from the Main Menu 
  • Inside this folder, open the "Skinning" folder 
  • In this folder, you will find two folders: "Flash" and "HTML Mobile" 
    • The "Flash" folder contains instructions and templates for creating skins to be used in the Flash reader of your eMags (used when eMags are read on ordinary Windows, Mac OSX or Linux computers). To create skins for Flash publications, you will need Adobe Flex/Flash Builder 3.2 or above installed, as well as Adobe Illustrator CS5 or above 
    • The "HTML Mobile" folder contains instructions and for creating skins that can be used with the Mobile HTML reader of your eMags (used when eMags are read on mobile devices like iPhones, iPads and Android phones). To create skins for Mobile HTML publications, you will need Adobe Illustrator CS5 or above as well as a suitable CSS editor (like Adobe Dreamweaver or similar) 

Skinning is a process which requires significant technical skills and understanding, and while we will always be happy to try and help you with your work, our standard support cannot cover advanced customization of this kind. Therefore we cannot guarantee that we will be able to offer a definite solution for problems you might encounter while skinning, but we will do our best to point you in the right direction.