eMagStudio's standard settings are created to support reading left-to-right, but with a few simple procedures eMags can be adapted to also work with right-to-left read languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. To make your eMag read right-to-left, follow these steps:

Making the eMag start from the "last" page 

  • In the eMagStudio Toolbox, click the background of the Toolbox to get the properties of the Stage area 
  • In the Properties window switch to the Event tab 
  • Select the "eMag Loaded" Event, and click the "Select Action" button 
  • Select the "Go To Last page" action from the "Navigation" group 

This will make the eMag automatically flip to the last page once it has been loaded. Be aware that this will conflict with the regular deep-linking functions of eMagStudio, so using these together is not recommended.

Adjusting the text on control bar buttons

  • To make sure that control bar buttons roll-over text actually match the navigation, make sure to go into the language settings and review these 
  • In the eMagStudio Toolbox click the "Stage Properties" button in the top menu 
  • Select the language that you wish to use as a starting point in the "Language" drop-down 
  • Click the "Customize" button 
  • Adjust the text on the "First Page Button Tooltip", "Previous Page Button Tooltip", "Next Page Button Tooltip" and "Previous Page Button Tooltip" to reflect the reverse reading direction 

Other possible adjustments - things to be aware of

It is not possible to automatically reverse the page ordering in eMagStudio, but by opening the Bookmarks/Pages window from the Toolbox top menu and changing the "Heading" fields on the "Pages" tab page names can be manually reversed

Be aware that the "Go To Page" window will always treat the pages as if they were in the left-to-right order, disabling this function can be done in the Control Bar properties