The related videos added by YouTube to a clip can be cut off in a browser by adding "?rel=0" to the video link. This step, however, currently can't be used in eMagStudio.

When a YouTube video is embedded in eMagStudio, the 11-digit YouTube ID is used which even doesn't allow adding this piece of code. We have fixed this issue, and it is included in eMagStudio 4 and newer.

To fix the older eMagStudio installation, do the following:

  • Download the attached file 
  • On Windows, go to "C:\Program files (x86)\eMagStudio\reader\pubData\plugins\" folder
  • On Mac: "/Applications/" 
  • Copy existing "VideoPlayerDeclaration.swf" to a safe location 
  • Replace it in the "plugins" folder with the file you downloaded

The related videos should be disabled now in all YouTube videos you will be embedding.