Currently adding Vimeo videos (like YouTube ones) directly on a page or fore-/background layer is not supported in eMagStudio.

Except for downloading a video and then either adding it to the eMag as a local video, or uploading it to a server and then just adding a link to it, there is another work around for doing that just by following these steps:

- Open Vimeo video in your browser;

- Click Share button on the right side of the video;

- Go to Embed option and copy the whole text e.g. to Notepad;

- Open your eMag in eMagStudio;

- Place any content holder on a page/fore-/background layer;

- Assign an action to the newly added content holder: 

  • go to Properties window-> Events tab-> e.g. Mouse Click;  
  • in Events Properties window go to Interface and windows-> Open URL in Window;  
  • fill in Window title text field with a preferable name of the window;
  • in External URL window field enter "http:" prefix (without the quotes) and copy the rest of the link - "//" (without the quotes) from Notepad just right after <iframe src= into External URL window field just after "http:" prefix;  
  • Window width and Window height are also taken from Notepad right after the "//" link  
  • uncheck Allow scrolling of the window content option;  

- click Finish button.