An important starting point for troubleshooting problems in eMagStudio, is determining the origin of the problem. When errors occur inside the eMagStudio program, when working with a publication, then very often the problem will either be specific to the PDF or the project being worked on. To determine which it is, follow these steps:

  1. Attempt to create a new eMag from scratch using the same PDF, and perform the same action that triggered the problem the last time you experienced it. If the problem occurs in the same way when attempting this, then probably it is PDF specific. For PDF specific problems, we recommend that you take a look at our PDF guidelines here. If everything on this list seems to be ok, then consider submitting the PDF to eMagCreator Support for analysis.

  2. If the problem did not appear when creating a new eMag from scratch, then likely it is somehow related to the settings of the project. In these cases, you should send your project as a so-called "Packaged Project" to eMagCreator Support for analysis. To create a packaged project, follow these steps:

    • Open eMagStudio 

    • In the main menu, go to File -> Manage eMags 

    • Select the project causing the problem, and click the "Export Project" button (top right side of window) 

    • Send the resulting file to eMagCreator Support, along with a detailed description on how to replicate the problem